The Life Of A Gentleman Podcast: Why You Need To Own A Website

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As you all know, entrepreneurship has become a major aspect of my life ever since I created this platform. In fact, that’s also the reason why I created the Young Entrepreneur Spotlight series, so that I can inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Therefore, I recently linked up with my friend Rich, Founder of Harrison Blake Apparel and the host of The Life of a Gentleman podcast, to talk about the importance of owning your own professional website.

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dapper advisor-the life of a gentleman-podcast-suit supply-double breasted-madison suit

Here are some of the major keys that I shared during our conversation:

1. Social media is extremely important when it comes to building an online presence. However, different platforms come and go so you can easily lose all of your content (and credibility) if those platforms lose popularity or shut down. For instance, we’ve all seen Vine shut down back in 2016 after Instagram practically stole their features.

2. Secondly, you definitely don’t need to invest a lot of money to create your own professional website. There are tons of inexpensive platforms out there such as WordPress, Blogger, and Wix. You can simply start by purchasing a domain name before you even start getting into hosting.

3. Thirdly, I strongly believe that every young person should develop the habit of ownership, especially young black men. Whether that means owning your own car, your own home, your own business, or even your own website. In other words, invest in yourself and make sure that you own something because there is no greater feeling than bring your own boss!

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As always, thanks for reading and be sure to check out Episode 43 of The Life of a Gentleman podcast. My segment of the show starts at 16:40!

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