The Gentleman’s Briefcase: Attache Hard Case

dapper advisor-black man-wearing-linen waistcoat-yellow-hermes-tie-brown-stripe-suitsupply-dress shirt-vintage-hard case-briefcase-oliver wicks-double monkstraps-2

A quality briefcase should always reflect your personal style. Therefore, if I had to describe my personal aesthetic, it would be classic and sophisticated.

So it’s only right for my briefcase of choice to exude that same classic sophistication.

The Gentleman’s Briefcase

dapper advisor-black man-wearing-linen waistcoat-yellow-hermes-tie-brown-stripe-suitsupply-dress shirt-vintage-hard case-briefcase-oliver wicks-double monkstraps

dapper advisor-black man-wearing-linen waistcoat-yellow-hermes-tie-brown-stripe-suitsupply-shirt-hard case-briefcase

If you’re a young entrepreneur, or you have a job that requires you to wear a suit, an attache hard case is the way to go. Unfortunately, you hardly ever see men carrying briefcases anymore, especially not hard cases.

Most men nowadays either carry a messenger bag or a canvas bag for their daily carry. I’ve even some guys wear a backpack with a suit, but that’s a story for another day.

dapper advisor-black man-wearing-linen waistcoat-yellow-hermes-tie-brown-stripe-suitsupply-shirt

In my opinion, there are so many advantages to owning a classic attache hard case. For instance, they were made to organize your belongings, last a lifetime, and develop a beautiful patina over time. I found this one a few years ago at an estate sale and I’ve been using it faithfully ever since. It’s been my go-to statement piece to bring along on important meeting and it always helps garner a few compliments as well.

A quality attache hard case is made from pure top-grain leather and has specific slots for an iPad/laptop, documents, pens, books, etc. Furthermore, it should always have a suede interior, leather trimmings, and a combination lock for extra security.

It’s definitely one of those pieces that you can look forward to using for years to come and eventually pass on to future generations!

dapper advisor-oliver wicks-brown double monkstrap shoesWaistcoat by Vintage, Tie by Hermes, Shirt by SuitSupply (Similar), Trousers by Bureau, Shoes by Oliver Wicks, Leather Briefcase by Vintage

As always, thanks for reading. Also, be sure to check out this vintage briefcase and linen waistcoat in The Dapper Advisor Boutique!

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Photography by A.P. Major

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