Fratelli Piccini Gioielli: The One Of A Kind Experience

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Those that know me well, know how much I love jewelry. I’ve been infatuated with diamonds and gold for as long as I could remember. For instance, back when I was in college I was notorious for rocking a fist full of gold rings, 2 chains (no pun intended), and gold teeth!

Fortunately, my style has evolved since then but I will always have a strong appreciation for jewelry. Therefore, when I got the opportunity to visit the Fratelli Piccini workshop in Florence, Italy I was super excited to say the least. After all, it’s not everyday that you get invited to visit a workshop that has such a rich history.

Elisa Piccini and her team took us on a private tour of their ancient laboratory, where they have created some of the world’s most stunning jewelry. In fact, they were awarded with the International Diamond Award of 1952 in New York and 1958 in Buenos Aires.

Above all else, I was most inspired by the pride that the Piccini family had for their family history. It was particularly inspiring as I continue to develop my own business. I just hope that my great grandchildren will speak about me and our families history in the same manner.

So here are some of the highlights from my private tour of the Fratelli Piccini workshop.

The Ancient Fratelli Piccini Workshop

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Elisa and her team of skilled artisans continue the family tradition by working in the same workspace that her great grandfather worked in more than a century ago. They even use some of the same tools that they used in 1903.

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Vintage Jewelry Molds

3D Ring Model 

These 3D models of rings and pendants are an essential and crucial step of the overall design process.

The Fratelli Piccini team pride themselves on producing quality over quantity. Therefore, some custom pieces can take up to 4 months to create, depending on the intricacies.

Vintage Patek Phillipe Watch w/Original Certificate

The workshop still operates in it’s original location on the Ponte Vecchio, right between The Uffizi Gallery and the Arno River. Due to it’s stunning views and romantic scenery, they often host one of a kind experiences for their clients engagements and or wedding anniversaries.

As always, thanks for reading and special thanks to the Fratelli Piccini team for the opportunity!

Yours truly,

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