Reader Questions: Pleather Jackets


Q: I am a vegan and I refuse to wear a genuine leather jacket. Is it acceptable if I wear a vegan leather jacket instead? 

Firstly, I must say that I respect and admire your will-power for not eating meat or any animal bi-products for that matter. I was a pescatarian for a little over a year and once I started eating chicken again I never looked back. However, when it comes to those vegan leather jackets a.k.a pleather jackets, I really hate them! I’m biased because I own several leather jackets and I wear them every chance I get because genuine leather jackets and accessories look better with age. Conversely, pleather jackets start to look rubbery and cheap after the first few wears. In fact, I’ve even seen some pleather jackets start to peel in certain areas after a while. So in my opinion, vegan leather jackets are just a bad investment and something you should stay far far away from.

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