Dress for Success: How to Tie a Tie

Yesterday I participated in an after school program entitled, “Dress for success”. The purpose was to teach a group of young men and women how to dress for the role they want and not the one that they have. Ironically, the term dress for success has been used so often that I have grown sick of it. However, I still believe in the message and yesterday I was able to instill that message into a couple of young men and help them understand the importance of dressing well.

The event was intimate and informal, but yet very informative. I spoke about my background, my educational and career path, and why style is so important to me. There were moments when some of the things I shared went over their heads, but then there were moments when I noticed that some things really clicked and they began to see things differently.
After I shared my story, I taught the young men how to tie a tie and fortunately for this young man (pictured above) he learned just in time for his senior prom. Now he won’t have to worry about wearing one of those silly clip-ons.
I had a great time sharing my story with these young men and it inspired me to do things like this more often. I didn’t learn how to tie a tie until I was 20 years old but it felt great to know that with my help they are already ahead of the game. One of the mentors from the program closed the program with an inspirational quote and I will do the same. He said, “Live your life so that your reality catches up to your dreams.”As always, thank you for reading!

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