Double Breasted With No Vents

I have been fortunate enough to find some fall ready blazers that did not require any tailoring. This is something that I seldom experience so I will probably be referring back to that post more often than not. In fact, this light tweed, double breasted, notch lapel blazer was one of those finds. At first I was apprehensive to the thought of purchasing a blazer that had no vents, but I figured there was no risk since it was only $4.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a vent is the slit you see on the backside of blazers, and suit jackets. Like most modern menswear details, vents originated from the military. It was a functional necessity while traveling horseback. Not only did vents ease the buttoned jacket from bunching and constricting the body while seated, it also prevented unattractive fabric creasing where the bunching would have occurred.
 Blazer by Napoli’s, Tie by Ralph Lauren , Tie Clip by Vintage, Shirt by H&M, Trousers by Hart Schaffer & Marx, Shoes by Cole Haan

When the blazer is cut close to the body with the absence of vents, is creates a slimming, sleek look that is very flattering for a more slender physique. However, the very reason that makes this jacket so streamlined while you’re standing is also its downfall when you move or sit. The lack of vents results in a limited range of motion, less comfort, and lots of gathering and creasing with the slightest movement. So although it is provides a smooth and elegant look, I could not actually sit down or bend over to tie my shoes without feeling slightly restricted. Therefore, this will be my first and last vent less blazer, unless I stumble upon another well-tailored thrifted beauty.
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