How To Cross Post From eBay to PoshMark In 1 Minute

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Listing items on multiple platforms has helped expand my business and increase my overall sales exponentially. My entrepreneurial journey started with eBay. Therefore, all the items that I thrifted and resold were sold exclusively on eBay. I eventually started selling locally on Craigslist, Letgo, and FaceBook Marketplace.

More on that later!

However, once I started to cross post from eBay to PoshMark, I really started seeing some real growth. After the first month of implementing this system, my sales increased about 30%. In fact, I had to start thinking of new ways on how to get inventory so that I could keep up with the demand.

Cross Post From eBay to PoshMark

Cross posting or cross listing is a very simple, yet effective method. Basically you’re just listing the same items on different platforms to increase it’s exposure. However, cross posting from platform to platform can be difficult depending on the platforms specifications.

For instance, cross listing from eBay to PoshMark can be troublesome if you use your phone because PoshMark requires square photos. So if you tried to cross post them via your phone, your photos would not be displayed properly. Meanwhile, the shape of photos doesn’t really matter on eBay. So unless you’re only taking square photos for your eBay listings, you might have a difficult time cross posting on your phone.

Thankfully, there is a very quick and easy method to cross post from eBay to PoshMark using a desktop or laptop. In the tutorial video above, I used a mac computer to cross post an item in 1 minute.

Pro Tip: If you’re a windows user you can use the screenshot tool to do the same thing. Therefore, you have no excuse when it comes to increasing your sales and selling product.

Keep in mind, that you can only use PoshMark to sell clothing, shoes, and accessories. Consider cross posting your electronics and other categories on eBay and local selling platforms.

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