Corduroy & Waistcoat Combo

Usually my preferred colors for the fall are various shades of blue, gray, burgundy, and brown. However, there are certain times when I feel obligated to play with color and brighten up my day, pun intended. Therefore, I decided to pair this yellow corduroy blazer and plaid waistcoat together. Both of them were thrifted items seen here and here. It was actually pretty ironic how well these two pieces paired together, because I purchased them individually and had no vision in mind for them, but since they fit so well I couldn’t leave them behind.


Corduroy garments are one of those things that I find myself wearing quite often nowadays and that is because they provide such great insulation. It is also one of the few fabrics that you can wear on colder days without having to pack on too many layers.


Waistcoats are also becoming one of my favorite items for this season because it adds another element to your outfit as well as an extra layer for warmth. This waistcoat in particular was made bespoke for a doctor. Luckily, since it was thrifted I did not have to pay the exorbitant price tag that comes along with most bespoken garments.

Blazer by Vintage, Waistcoat by Vintage, Tie by Vintage, Shirt by Ralph Lauren, Jeans by H&M, Shoes by Zara
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