Wardrobe Essentials: The Navy Cardigan

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As you know, this is my first winter in California and I must admit that it has been bittersweet. Even though it’s great not having to deal with the snow, I really miss wearing some of my favorite outerwear pieces. In fact, it feels kind of weird being outside in the middle of “winter” only wearing a navy cardigan.

Fortunately, it’s something that I can definitely get used to!

In my opinion, a cardigan is one of the most versatile pieces in #menswear and it’s probably right up there with denim jackets and waistcoats.

So here are two ways to wear a shawl collar navy cardigan this winter!

Business Casual

dapper-advisor-business-casual-blue-outfit-mens-navy cardigan-blue-dress-shirt-blue-tie-navy-suede-loafers-grana-black-man-2

dapper-advisor-business-casual-blue-outfit-mens-navy cardigan-blue-dress-shirt-blue-tie-navy-suede-loafers-grana-black-man-1

The term “business casual”, always confuses the hell out of me so I’m sure it confuses others as well. It’s one of those dress codes that always gets interpreted differently.

And in most cases, it’s usually interpreted wrong!

In my opinion, business casual is just a way of making a formal business outfit seem a little less formal. That’s when things like patterned blazers, suede loafers, and of course shawl collar cardigans come to mind!

dapper-advisor-business-casual-blue-outfit-mens-navy cardigan-blue-dress-shirt-blue-tie-navy-suede-loafers-grana-black-man-5

If you don’t feel like wearing a blazer, a shawl collar cardigan can be the perfect substitute to complete your look. It’s not as structured as a blazer but it still serves a similar aesthetic function.

When it comes to the colors, navy always work best for me, but burgundy, brown and gray are viable options as well!

dapper-advisor-business-casual-blue-outfit-mens-navy cardigan-blue-dress-shirt-blue-tie-navy-suede-loafers-grana-black-man-7

dapper-advisor-business-casual-blue-outfit-mens-navy-cardigan-blue-dress-shirt-blue-tie-navy-suede-loafers-grana-black-man-4Navy Cardigan by Grana, Shirt by Beckett & Robb, Tie by Vintage, Pants by Sarar, Shoes by Zara

Smart Casual

dapper-advisor-smart-casual-navy cardigan-blue-oxford-shirt-light-blue-denim-jeans-navy-nylite-tretorn-sneakers-grana-black-man-1

Here I am throwing out another #menswear term at you.

Fortunately, the term smart casual is not as complicated as business casual. It simply means looking well put together and for a lack of better terms…

Just dressing smart!

dapper-advisor-smart-casual-navy cardigan-blue-oxford-shirt-light-blue-denim-jeans-navy-nylite-tretorn-sneakers-grana-black-man-6

The most important key to dressing smart is making sure that your clothes fit. This statement holds true from everything to suits, pants, and of course cardigans!

A cardigan is meant to be fitted.

So just like a topcoat or any other jacket it should hug your shoulders and fit slim through the sleeves and body.

dapper-advisor-smart-casual-navy cardigan-blue-oxford-shirt-light-blue-denim-jeans-navy-nylite-tretorn-sneakers-grana-black-man-3

Last but not least, always choose a fabric weight based on the season. For the fall, try a lightweight merino or cashmere wool.

Then, once the temperatures start to drop, break out the chunky knits like this one here.

dapper-advisor-smart-casual-navy cardigan-blue-oxford-shirt-light-blue-denim-jeans-navy-nylite-tretorn-sneakers-grana-black-man-2Cardigan & Oxford by Grana, Jeans by Uniqlo, Shoes by Tretorn

As always, thanks for reading and use promo code “AKILxGRANA” for an additional 10% off your purchase + free shipping worldwide!

Yours truly,

Akil McLeod
The Dapper Advisor

This post was sponsored by Grana, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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