The Linen Suit: Fabric of the Season


I’ve been talking about suits quite a lot lately, and that’s mainly because I’ve been in the process of restructuring my wardrobe. I’ve been trying to find the perfect rotation of suits to complete every man’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, it’s starting to seem like a never ending journey to find the “perfect” rotation, but I’m still having a lot of fun along the way.

The suits that I’ve featured in my starting five are definitely some of my wardrobe essentials, so that’s a great best place to start. However, I started thinking about the guys that already have all of the essentials and are a little more advanced. Therefore, seasonal suiting options is the next place to focus your attention, and nothing is more summer appropriate than a linen suit!


One thing to consider when wearing a linen suit is the wrinkles, it’s inevitable. It’s one of those things that you just have to embrace because after just a few moments of wearing linen you will start to see wrinkles form on your pants, your jacket sleeves, and if you sit down for even a minute, you will definitely get wrinkles on the back of your jacket. Therefore, linen suits are sometimes deemed a little too casual for the office, but if you don’t work in an environment with a strict dress code, it can be a great option.

This suit almost made my starting 5 of suit essentials, but because of the reasons I listed above, I had to make it an honorable mention instead.


What type of tie should you wear with a linen suit? Try pairing it with a linen tie so that you can match textures and create a cohesive summer-ready outfit.

Or you can swap out the linen tie and add a vintage silk tie for a pop of color to help brighten up your day, especially when you have to deal with fog and overcast in the middle of the summer!

_MG_9934     _MG_9893

Another thing to consider when wearing a linen suit is the taper that you apply to the trousers. I usually go with a more aggressive taper on all of my wool trousers, but since linen does not stretch as much other fabrics, you should go with a fuller cut. Trust me, you would definitely appreciate the extra leg room during those humid days of summer!

_MG_9926Suit by Suit Supply, Shirt by Oliver Wicks, Tie by Hermes, Shoes by Mercanti Fiorenti

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