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As I continue to create new and interesting ways to dress down some of my tailored pieces, I find myself breaking more of my personal style rules in the process.

A couple months ago in my post on how to wear a blazer with jeans, I suggested that you shouldn’t wear a blazer with ripped jeans, especially if you’re wearing them to work. However, if your office has more of a relaxed dress code, you can definitely gain some inspiration from this outfit!



Since I’ve moved to California a few months ago, I’ve been inspired by the more relaxed and casual styles of dress that I come across. Needless to say, it has undoubtedly made an impression on my personal style.

This outfit is the perfect example!

Ironically, I would have never thought of wearing an outfit like this when I lived in NY, but because it’s functional, comfortable, and appropriate for my current environment, it just makes sense now.

Let’s just hope that I don’t add this look to my list of top style mistakes in a few years.



When I was putting this outfit together, I had the busy morning commuter in mind.

Those that take the train, bus, or even walk to work everyday. Hence the reason for the extra comfortable sneakers. It’s also an ideal outfit for those individuals that rarely ever wear a blazer to work but want to gradually up their style.

_mg_1438   Blazer by Luciano Barbera, Shirt by J. Crew, Jeans by Zara, Shoes by Nike

You could easily swap out these ripped jeans for a pair of khaki chinos or white denim, but I opted for the ripped jeans to compliment the sneakers, but most importantly to break my own style rules.

As always, thanks for reading!

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