Best Moments of 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

2015 has definitely been a great year for me. So in honor of my 26th Birthday, I wanted to get a little personal and share 26 of my favorite moments in 2015. It is full of events and lessons that I’ve experienced throughout the year and it has allowed me to set even bigger and better goals for 2016. Happy Birthday to Me!

1. I maintained my New Year’s resolution of traveling more by visiting Maryland, Dallas, Connecticut, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico.

2. I created realistic ways to save more money for my short and long term goals.

3. I finally learned what it means to “Invest in Yourself”, so I started spending my time and money on the things that truly bring me joy. 

4. I learned how to sew and received an A in my Fundamentals of Apparel Construction course, seen here.

5. After taking that course, I learned that I am no longer interested in pursuing fashion design or tailoring as a career, but I am still very passionate about fashion and men’s style in general.

6. I taught a college course and was able to inspire, motivate, and empower a group of first-year college students.

7. I forged a strong relationship with two made-to-measure suit companies and as a result I learned a lot more about the made-to-measure business.

8. I was able to send my mother on a trip to Trinidad so she could visit her friends and family after being away from them for almost a decade!

9. I got hired as a part-time EOP counselor at the local community college to help my students make a smoother transition from the community college level to the state university level.

10. I finally started using my blog as a platform to highlight my friends accomplishments by sharing their inspirational stories.

11. I hired an intern that will help add a new dimension to the blog for 2016.

12. I started calling my friends and family more and texting them less, as a result I feel more connected to them then ever before. 

13. I reviewed a pair of chelsea boots by Jack Erwin when I was actually in the market for a new pair of chelsea boots, seen here, so it was perfect timing!

14. After doing some soul-searching and some extensive research, I’ve learned about the importance of entrepreneurship, especially within the black community, and I’ve decided to start my own business in 2016 (more on that later).

15. I received an award from Buffalo State College for coordinating several community service projects and creating partnerships with various community organizations, seen here.

16. I “invested in myself” and purchased an in-house photography studio.

17. I started sharing some of my personal experiences as a young professional by talking to college students about the importance of dressing well seen here, here, and here.

18. I’ve committed myself to the concept of life-long learning, so I started reading more and doing more research on the things that matter most to me such as achieving financial independence and being an inspiration to those within my community.

19. I set a major financial goal for myself to pay off my car in 2.5 years instead of the original 5-year term in order to get closer to becoming debt free.

20. I donated and sold some of my clothes and shoes to people that truly appreciated it because I felt that I was becoming somewhat of a hoarder and a slave to fashion and other materialistic things.

21. I reconnected with one of my best friends after not hearing from him for over 8 months. Since then we speak almost everyday now!

22. I’ve stopped spending as much time on social media and I used that time to actually read more.

23. While maintaining all of my jobs and my busy schedule, I still managed to find time to fit a 1-hour gym session into my weekly routine (Monday-Friday at 10PM).

24. I’ve become more of a well-rounded individual by listening to scholars like Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar Johnson, and Dr. Claude Anderson.

25. I’ve bought my first book since graduating from college, PowerNomics by Dr. Claude Anderson.

26. I found true love in someone that loves me for me…Flaws and all!

As always, thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!

Yours Truly,

Akil McLeod

The Dapper Advisor

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