The Aviator

I’ve mentioned several times before that brown is one of my favorite colors to wear all year round. Therefore, it’s pretty common for me to unintentionally wear all brown on any given day. However, I realized that with these aviator shades and vintage leather bomber jacket, I felt more like a pilot as opposed to looking like I work for UPS.


Bomber Jacket by Vintage, Suit by Vintage, Sweater by Zara, Shoes by Testoni, 
Shades by H&M
This brown turtleneck has been in heavy rotation lately, even though it still doesn’t feel like winter. However, it’s one of those pieces that pairs well with just about everything I own and its a great alternative to wearing a shirt and tie.
This brown leather bomber jacket is definitely one of my best thrift store finds of the year (more on that later). I haven’t been that lucky this year with my thrift store finds, but this jacket has become one of my “winter” essentials.

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