A Brief History Of Aviator Sunglasses

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A few months ago, I envisioned myself starring in a sunglasses campaign modeling a pair of aviator sunglasses. Aviators have always been my favorite style of sunglasses because they are classic, stylish, and look great on almost everyone.

Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to star in any campaigns…YET!

However, instead of trashing my idea, I decided to throw on a pair of my favorite inexpensive shades and bring my campaign idea to fruition.

Therefore, with the Summer being in full effect, here are a couple of sample shots from my non-sponsored campaign as well as a brief history of aviator sunglasses!

Shades Season: Aviator Sunglasses

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Aviator sunglasses were originally developed for pilots to protect their eyes while flying at high altitudes. The harsh sunlight combined with the extreme temperatures at 30,000 feet severely affected their vision. It was said that some pilots eyes literally froze at those altitudes.

Therefore, John A Macready, a US Air Service pilot and Army aviation instructor, teamed up with Bausch and Lomb o create a solution for pilots everywhere. Then in 1936, they created aviator sunglasses using polarizing technology, the same technology used in polaroid cameras. They were later named “Ray Bans” because they “banned” the ultraviolet light rays from reaching the pilot’s eyes.

This was also essential during World War II when thousands of aircrafts were airborne at high altitudes over enemy territory. It was essential for pilot’s to be able to spot other nearby aircrafts.

The original design featured a gold-plated wire frame with goggle-shaped lenses made of green mineral glass. They later designed aviators with several different colored lenses, including the green, black, grey, and my personal favorite amber.

While aviators have become one of the most popular sunglasses style in the world, it has remained a staple of military gear for the U.S Military!

As always, thanks for reading and don’t ever wait to create!

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