Another Glance at a Vintage Topcoat

This vintage top coat went from being banished away to the back of my closet to being worn on a consistent basic. I purchased this vintage top coat from a local thrift store, and I only wore it once or twice that year. However, I find myself wearing it on a more consistent basis this winter. I think the fur collar provides an elegant and regal aesthetic, and the concept of elegance has been very appealing to me lately.
This pinstripe 3-piece suit was one of the first suits that I ever purchased. In fact, it was purchased before I learned the basics of how a suit jacket should fit. Therefore, the third piece of the suit will probably never be worn again. However, the existing 2 pieces fit quite well, especially after the recent alterations.
Coat by Pendleton (thrift), Suit by Stafford, Shirt by H&M, Shoes by Father & Son (thrift)
These shoes are also one of my recent thrift store finds. Luckily enough they did not need a detailed polish, just a quick shoe shine.
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