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We recently experienced somewhat of a heat wave in Buffalo, with temperatures in the low 40s. Therefore, I took full advantage of the weather and wore a seasonal wool sports coat. Similar to tweed and corduroy, wool provides some great insulation. So when paired with a wool knit tie, and wool trousers, you will definitely stay warm.

Whenever, I shop for sports coats, it is usually the minor details that convince me to make the purchase. Therefore, after noticing the unique color, wooden buttons, and suede elbow patches, I didn’t need to think twice about making the purchase.
Due to the snow and inclement weather conditions, I was forced to tuck away most of my shoes. However, with the recent heat wave, I was finally able to wear my favorite double monks again.
Blazer by Vintage, Shirt by Stafford (thrift), Tie by Yves Saint Laurent, Pants by Vintage (thrift), Shoes by JD Fisk
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