All-American Classics

All-American Classics ft. Cat Footwear

I’ve teamed up with Cat Footwear again to style a pair of boots from their new Fall/Winter ’15 collection. Cat Footwear prides themselves on creating quality workwear boots that are both comfortable and stylish. So this time around I chose a pair of boots that are rough and rugged, yet versatile enough to portray the All-American workwear aesthetic that came to mind when I first saw these boots.
All-American Classics

Buffalo, New York is often referred to as an All-American city so I figured what better way to express my vision and thoughts about these workwear boots than to take you all on a visual tour of one of Buffalo’s most historic sites, Silo City. Just south of downtown Buffalo, near the city’s First Ward, lies an area of abandoned grain elevators known as Silo City. Buffalo was once one of the United States’ economic powerhouses, but once the city’s strategic position was made useless by the Seaway, manufacturing in the city mostly ceased. The massive grain elevators were left abandoned, and now Silo City has become somewhat of a tourist attraction and a constant reminder of the city’s successful past.

Vintage Ford Pickup

All American Classics
Workwear boots by Cat Footwear

Rolling thru Silo City

Steel Bridge in Silo City
Leather weather
Workwear boots by Catfootwear
Silo City
Silo City, Buffalo
Silo City, Buffalo, New York
Silo City
As always, thanks for reading and special thanks to Cat Footwear for the opportunity!
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