A Tie Makes All the Difference

This is definitely not the first time I wore this suit and I am positive that it won’t be the last. I wore it a couple of months ago here, and a few months prior to that here. With each wear I realized that my tie played a huge difference in the overall look. Of course, that may seem obvious for some but it was something that really stood out to me after browsing through these photos.

This time around I embraced some color and incorporated a colorful pocket square instead of my usual white linen square. I also opted for a pale blue dress shirt instead of one of my favorite white dress shirts. The blue paired nicely with this vintage rep tie and it served as a better canvas to accentuate the plaid pattern in the suit.
A couple months ago, I paired the same suit with a vintage geometric tie by Brooks Brothers and I didn’t think the color combo could get any better. It was definitely one of my more “matchier” moments.
Suit by House of Darby, Shirt by Stafford, Tie by Bergdorf Goodman, Shoes by Andres Marseilles, Pocket Square by Vintage
This is probably the simplest option of the three. It was the first time I wore this suit and since the spring just began, I felt that a cotton knit tie was essential.
Which combo is your favorite?
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