5 Style Tips to Make You Look Taller


The average height for males in the U.S is 5’10. Fortunately, I’m 5’8 and sometimes 5’9 depending on the style of my shoes so I can pass for average. However, there is a huge population of gentlemen that are considered short, vertically challenged, etc. Therefore, when it comes to personal style there are a few things that men can do to appear taller than they actually are. So here are a five style tips to make you look taller.

1. Wear Pants that Fit. More often than not, guys wear pants that simply do not fit well. They are either too long or too baggy so it makes your legs look shorter. Therefore, it’s best to wear pants that are slim fit (not skinny) and hem your pants with little to no-break. I prefer no-break but that is definitely a matter of personal preference.


2. Wear the Right Shoes. When I say wear the right shoes, I mean you should wear shoes with a slim and sleek silhouette as opposed to square toe shoes, or shoes that are too round because they will make your feet look big and clunky. Actually, if you even own a pair of square toe shoes you should consider donating them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army as soon as possible.


3. Your Shirt Must Hit the Right Places. Whether you’re wearing an untucked button-up shirt, tee shirt, or even a sweater, it should never go past the midpoint of your crotch. Shirts that are too long are unflattering and will definitely make your body look stumpier.


4. Avoid Bold Patterns. Bold patterns will definitely make you look smaller than you actually are. Therefore, solid and dark colors are essential and should be staples in every shorter’s guy wardrobe. However, if you’re like me and you truly love bold patterns like windowpanes and plaids, wear patterns that are subtle in nature and don’t scream out “Hey, look at me.”

5. Stand up Straight. This last one is probably the easiest ways to make yourself look and feel taller. A lot of guys tend to slouch, or they just have a poor posture in general. However, by standing up straight and erect, not only will you look and feel taller but it also helps prevent backache and muscular pains. A good posture can even prevent fatigue because your muscles will be used more efficiently.

As always, thanks for reading and if you’re a shorter guy, feel free to leave a comment below.

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